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HUP Talent and Booking

I can't say enough about my agent, Lisa Darden. Lisa is the founder and owner of HUP (Hope Unlimited Productions) Talent and Booking. The first edition of What If? was rough to say the least. Lisa read it and was very honest in her assessment. She told me something to the effect of "Great idea, not so great execution". I appreciated the fact that she was not trying to blow smoke up my bum.

Having said that, she loved the idea behind What If? enough to work with her editor, Larry Peck, and me tirelessly to improve the book to the point we felt good about having test readers give feedback. There were some great suggestions made by the test readers and our team again went to work. This effort led to the book as now printed. I am forever grateful to Lisa and Larry for sticking with me through the difficult process.

Lisa is now working hard on getting more publicity for the book and arranging for some very important people to review the book as a possible project for film or television. Her devotion to the project is truly remarkable.

Lisa represents artists across a wide spectrum of genres, and I cannot imagine anyone working harder than she does. Should you be reading this and looking for someone to represent you, I can highly recommend Lisa and HUP Talent and Booking.

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