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A Novel by Matthew Imes


I started the website as a means to share information about my book, as well as a place to update friends and family about other happenings.  Feel free to contact me with any and all feedback.  Thank you for taking time to learn more about my projects!

About What If?:  Several years ago, I worked with a close friend, Rebecca, who frequently would ask me questions that started with "What If..."  We spent much time together while traveling and inevitably found ourselves delving into our respective pasts, both the good and the ugly.  After one particularly deep session, I realized everyone at some point or another questions decisions that have been made and the repercussions of those decisions.  This led to me coming up with the idea behind "What If?"

Synopsis:  Every person who has ever lived has at one point or another asked themselves, "What if I had done _____ differently?  According to What If?, Inc., you are now able to ask that question about any time in your life and see what would have happened had you made a different choice.

Enter Ryan Jones.  Ryan is a divorced insurance adjuster living in Houston.  Ryan learns about What If, Inc and decides to give it a try.  He is skeptical, but finds his test scenario works out much like he suspects it would have in real life.  Ryan is impressed enough by the results and technology to join What If?, Inc as a member. 

The book follows Ryan as he immerses himself deeper and deeper into the technology.  Without giving too much away, it is safe to say Ryan has a number of eye opening experiences and learns much about life, love and himself along the way.

UPDATE: The book is now published and available for purchase (hardback, softback and e-book). When searching for the book, it is easiest to search by Matthew Imes. Below are links to a few of the places where you can buy. Thank you for your support!

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